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Latest Airport News


09/08/10- Gatwick's Sustainability Intentions Approved

Gatwick Airport has today (Tuesday 3 August) announced the launch of its first sustainability plan as an independent airport . Gatwick Airport has also become the largest UK airport to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard, signalling its commitment and effort to become a sustainable airport.

The plans - named‘Decade for Change’ - sets out the Gatwick’s environmental targets across its various business activities for the next 10 years with the overall goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 50%

As part of its 10-year sustainability plan, Gatwick is looking to reduce its energy consumption in many different ways, such as installing an electric car recharge network, , introducing a new vehicle low emission zone and generating power via renewable sources.


29/07/10- Mexican Bound Flights from Gatwick

British Airways has recently announced that it will be running a new service to Cancun from London Gatwick.

The new service is expected to run just Wednesdays and Saturdays, and is likely to be commencing from the 3rd November 2010


07/06/10- Changes to Gatwick Airport Drop Off Point

As of last week,the drop-off point for Gatwick Official Valet Parking South is now on Level 2 of the South Terminal Short Stay RED car park.


24/05/10- Ash Cloud could disrupt for 20 years

Some of Britains top aviation experts are predicting that the Volcanic ash, that has heavily disrupted European Airspace in the last month, could affect planes for the next 20 years.

David Learmount warned that any aircraft attempting to fly through ash would have its engines permanently damaged, and that they would eventually be destined for the scrapheap.


17/05/10- Latest Update 1245 BST

Gatwick's flight restriction has been lifted in the last half an hour. BAA have advised all travellers to check the availability of your flight with the appropriate airline.

They have also notified traveller to expect delays and cancellations as they attempt to clear the backlog.


Gatwick Heavily Disrupted by Fresh Ash Cloud

Gatwick Airport is one of the many UK airports that is being heavily disrupted by the fresh ash cloud that has been released from the Icelandic volcano. Other major airports Heathrow and London City have also been hugely affected, with the three airports being completely closed until 0700 BST this morning. Only limited flights are now departing and arriving so be sure to check your flight information before setting off for the airport.

A spokesman for air traffic authority Nats said Gatwick was due to be closed to arrivals until 1300 BST and departures would be subject to restrictions.

"One side of the airport is clear and the other side, where the final approach track is, actually has a cloud of ash which goes right across final approach," said Nats director Ian Hall.

"So, very frustratingly for everyone, we can't get the aircraft into Gatwick but we can get them out."


10/05/10- Volcanic Ash Won't Leave Us Alone!

Some three weeks have passed since the Icelandic volcano first closed UKand much of Europe airspace, but British travellers are still being majorly disrupted by ash still in the atmosphere.

Portugal, France and Austria have all been forced to ground some flights overnight.Italian airports which were closed have reopened but there are delays for UK-bound flights.Meanwhile, jets in Britain due to fly to affected areas were grounded and the Met Office warned the ash may return to UK airspace in the coming days.

04/05/10- Volcanic Ash Flight Ban 'could have ended sooner'

The ban imposed after the eruption of the Icelandic volcano could have ended sooner according to the Civil Aviation Authority(CAA). The ban lasted 6 days after volcanic ash was released into the atmosphere, which can cause serious damage to airplanes engines. If airline engine manufacturers had specified a safe level of ash earlier, the CAA says it could have reopened the skies then.

Chief executive Andrew Haines told BBC Radio 4's The Report: "The critical path for this decision was the time it took for the manufacturers to satisfy themselves on the safe level of contamination.

"How long does it take for a manufacturer who has declined to determine something for many years to actually say, 'Given the evidence we've now got, we're happy to nail our colours to the mast and say that these are safe levels of contamination that don't present a hazard.'"

He continued: "I suspect that manufacturers knew much of this, that they knew there was an acceptable level of safety but what hadn't happened is that they were prepared to underwrite that and validate it."


26/4/10- Airline Continue Attempts to Clear Backlog

The UK's major airlines are still in the process of getting passengers back safe and sound, with Virgin hoping to have all passengers back from such places as the Caribbean by the end of the week, whilst British Airways operation into putting on extra flights was continuing. The 6 day closure has reportedly cost London £100 million in lost tourism, with hotels, theatres, restaurants and shops all suffering. It has cost the airlines £1.1 billion according to some reports.


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